pdf  watch online  0101 Sampling Techniques
pdf  watch online  0102 Experimental Design

pdf  watch online  0201 Describing Qualitative Data Graphically
pdf  watch online  0202 Describing Quantitative Data Graphically
pdf  watch online  0203 Describing Quantitative Data Graphically - Histogram
pdf  watch online  0204 Measures of Center
pdf  watch online  0205 Measures of Variability and Spread
pdf  watch online  0206 Measures of Position and Variability - Boxplots
pdf  watch online  0207 Grouped Data and Histogram Analysis
pdf  watch online  0208 Cumulative Relative Frequency - Ogive
pdf  watch online  0209 Linear Transformations

pdf  watch online  0301 Scatterplot Intro
pdf  watch online  0302 Correlation Coefficient
pdf  watch online  0303 Least Squares Regression
pdf  watch online  0304 Coefficient of Determination
pdf  watch online  0305 Residuals and Residual Plots
pdf  watch online  0306 Outliers and Influential Points
pdf  watch online  0307 Changing Units and Correlations
pdf  watch online  0308 Nonlinear Data - Power and Exponential Models
pdf  watch online  0309 Analyzing Nonlinear Data

pdf  watch online  0401 Density Curves
pdf  watch online  0402 The Normal Distribution and the Empirical Rule
pdf  watch online  0403 Standard Normal
pdf  watch online  0404 Assessing Normality

pdf  watch online  0501 Probability Intro
pdf  watch online  0502 Basic Probability Rules
pdf  watch online  0503 Conditional Probability and Independence
pdf  watch online  0504 Tree Diagrams

pdf  watch online  0601 Discrete Random Variables and Expected Value
pdf  watch online  0602 Combining Random Variables

pdf  watch online  0701 Arrangements Combinations and Probability
pdf  watch online  0702 Binomial Distribution
pdf  watch online  0703 Properties of the Binomial Distribution and the Normal Approximation
pdf  watch online  0704 Geometric Distribution

pdf  watch online  0801 Sampling Distributions
pdf  watch online  0802 Normal Is Everywhere - Central Limit Theorem

pdf  watch online  0901 Estimating the Population Proportion
pdf  watch online  0902 Confidence Interval for the Population Proportion
pdf  watch online  0903 Confidence Interval for the Population Mean
pdf  watch online  0904 Confidence Intervals Using Technology
pdf  watch online  0905 Choosing a Sample Size
pdf  watch online  0906 Confidence Intervals Involving Two Independent Samples (Proportions)
pdf  watch online  0907 Confidence Intervals Involving Two Independent Samples (Means)
pdf  watch online  0908 Confidence Intervals Involving Paired Differences (Matched Pairs)

pdf  watch online  1001 Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
pdf  watch online  1002 Hypothesis Testing - Proportions
pdf  watch online  1003 Hypothesis Testing - Means
pdf  watch online  1004 Probability of Errors and the Power of a Test
pdf  watch online  1005 Hypothesis Testing With Technology
pdf  watch online  1006 Testing a claim about standard deviation

pdf  watch online  1101 Paired Differences (Matched Pairs)
pdf  watch online  1102 Two Independent Samples (Mean)
pdf  watch online  1103 Two Independent Samples (Proportions)

pdf  watch online  1201 Chi-Square GOF Test
pdf  watch online  1202 Chi-Square Test For Homogeneity
pdf  watch online  1203 Chi-Square Test For Independence

pdf  watch online  1301 Inference for Correlation and Slope

pdf  watch online  1501 Two Population Standard Deviations - F Test
pdf  watch online  1502 F Test (ANOVA)